After the kick-off meeting in Eindhoven, 25th -26th June 2018, which allowed all partners to get acquainted with each other and most specifically with the project objectives, the Thematic Launching event, hosted by the partner MSE Cluster Ltd, was held in Debrecen (HU) on 25th – 27th of September. In this context, tasks and deadlines linked to management, financial reporting and Communication of the project were presented and participants had the chance to react and debate about the best outcomes / project objectives. The Communication session was organized with the aim to further developing and finalizing the Communication Strategy which contained the hereunder chapters 

Objectives: such as for instance  

1. To improve policy instrument through a well-established internal communication amongst the partners and the interregional learning process of the project. 

2. For the inter-institutional level, to disseminate knowledge among public authorities and decision makers in relation to cluster development in the field of sports innovation   

3. For the narrow stakeholder level i.e.  to develop a better delivery of innovation within sports clusters. 

4. For the wider stakeholder level.  to boost the possibilities of innovation and commercialisation of innovative products. 

Target Groups:  

1. Public Authorities 

2. Companies CEOs/ leaders and stakeholders 

3. Academia 

4. Consumers 

5. Clusters 

6. Representative bodies 

Key Messages /Tools, Channels & Activities/ Timeline and responsibilities organized per semester  / KPIs Communication output indicators, such as for instance  

• Number of appearances in media (e.g. press): or  

• Average number of sessions at the project pages per reporting period:   

One additional aspect related to the project communication focused on  the project visibility and dissemination activities. In this sense and with the active participation of all the partners, many dissemination examples where the project was duly presented and debated about can be quoted as hereunder : 

• on the 20th of June : Interreg Thematic workshop in Leuven  (Clusters as Drivers of Regional Innovation, SMEs competitiveness & interregional cooperation)  

• on the 21st of September : Austrian Presidency Conference on the “Economic Dimension of sport for Growth and Employment (Workshop  on Sport and Regional Development)  

• on the 26th of September Opening Conference in Debrecen - realized by MSE Cluster Ltd in collaboration with the University of Debrecen 

• on 15th – 16th October in Lodz (PL) “the European Economic Forum”,  

• on the 25th – 26th  of October in Ghent “The European Sport Ecosystem: Sport Tech Transfer and R&D Summit”.