Inno4Sports Interregional Exchange and Knowledge Capitalization Seminar Eindhoven


From the 11th until the 13th of June, guests from different European counties have visited the Region South Netherlands and the Cluster Sports & Technology in Eindhoven. The goals of this event were to learn from each other and to place Innovation for Sport and Vitality higher on the European agenda. After the first Interregional Exchange meeting (which was held in Valencia on the 25th – 27th of March 2019) where, as example of requalification of urban spaces, it was shown a drained river that had been transformed into a sports and movement park, also in Eindhoven there was the opportunity to see and concretely touch what is happening in the Brainport Region in terms of smart solutions for vital citizens, such as sports and vitality in public spaces.

Day one started with the welcome remarks of the leading partner, an introduction about the region South-Netherlands and the position of the Cluster Sports & Technology in the region.

BrabantSport: The first speaker of the day was Michel Reinders, director of BrabantSport, who has introduced the BrabantSport and how the Cluster Sports & Technology is the coordinator and activator for the main four themes of Innovation:

• Talent Event

• organization

• Sports for disabled

• Innovation for sports

 OPZuid: Mr. Pieter Liebregts from OPZuid was the second speaker of day one. He has introduced the OPZuid which is a European funded program (ERDF) for the provinces of Brabant, Limburg and Zeeland (all located in the South of the Netherlands). Since the main goal is the promotion of innovation, OPZuid focusses on crossovers between international top clusters (high-tech, systems, chemistry, agri-food) and on crossovers between national top clusters with international potential (life sciences & health, bio-based, logistics and maintenance). The grant program focuses on bringing together business, knowledge institutes and governmental institutions. More Specifically the goals are:

- Reinforcing economic structure

- Valorization SME

- Human capital agenda

Brainport Development: Ms. Anne van der Velden was the third and conclusive speaker of the first day. Ms. van der Velden has explained in which way Brainport Eindhoven combines forces of business and public organizations in the area of Eindhoven to address social challenges. She has explained why DAF and Philips are considered the founding fathers of this innovative region and how has been evolved the triple-helix collaboration into the current one: Brainport Eindhoven with board members of companies and knowledge institutes, which includes the Cluster Sports & Technology as one of the clusters in the Brainport Region, that is working on long-term goals, such as Brainport industries and Food Tech Brainport.

Moreover, Brainport Eindhoven developed an action agenda with priorities on:

- Talent;

- Improving Brainport as a place for business, knowledge and innovations;

- New technologies and social challenges.

 Day one ended with the steering group meeting in the afternoon session.