Inno4Sports Interregional Exchange and Knowledge Capitalization Seminar Eindhoven


Day three focused on the visit of the Holst Centre at the High-Tech Campus. Holst is a collaboration of Imec from Belgian origin and TNO from the Netherlands. Mr. Sywert Brongersma explained the projects on vitality and health tech on innovation, both in chips and at a system level. The activities in Holst slowly change from healthcare to prevention. Imec developed the I-Change program which responds to the growing need for prevention. The program is developed to motivate people in changing behavior. To stimulate this, Imec develops all kinds of products with sensors, for example, shirts, gloves, and soles to measure and feedback activity. Mr. Brongersma also introduced smart city projects. Antwerp is a pilot city for this smart city approach. In Antwerp have been installed data sensors all over the city, for example, to measure air quality or traffic.

The second speaker of this session was Ms. Heleen Boers who presented the Nano4Sports project: Technology for an active lifestyle. She has shown cases on monitoring top athletes, injury prevention and Urban Sports. Furthermore, Ms. Boers showed how posture during running can be measured to prevent injuries. She ended the presentation with the Smart Skateboard which has been developed in collaboration with the Urban Sports Centre. useful examples of products developed by Imec.




The closing session of the three-day event focused on the evaluation of the event by every partner explaining what they have learned and how to improve the next project meeting in Lapland.