Lapland launched Arctic Sport Network to commit stakeholders to the regional development


In order to commit regional stakeholders to Inno4Sports and the improvement of regional innovation policies Arctic Sport Network has been established. The network is based on cross-sectoral collaboration bringing together Lappish actors from the different fields of sport. Within the network, local actors can share their expertise, knowledge and combine strengths. The aim is to promote entrepreneurship, new innovations and jobs in the industry, and to promote a healthy lifestyle of local people.

Arctic Sport Network is also a way to share lessons learned from Inno4Sports partners and to receive feedback on development needs.

Arctic Sport Network concretely:

Arctic Sport Network combines Lappish sports actors from different sectors including the private sector, civil society, government and education, and research institutions. The network works as an innovation ecosystem, and it aims in developing business opportunities as well as the well-being of the Lappish people.

With the cross-sectoral cooperation, Arctic Sport Network aims at finding new solutions in fostering a healthy lifestyle, supporting the use of sustainable and digital solutions and strengthening the funding base. A single actor doesn’t always have the resources to invest in developing new solutions but through the Arctic Sport Network one can find new partners and cooperation projects and share their expertise with others.

The aim is to increase the role of sports in regional development work. The network works towards common goals and supports the objectives of Lapland agreement and the Lapland Sports Strategy. Creating a better operating environment for sports professionals in Lapland, the network promotes well-being, business opportunities and vitality in the region.

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