AWW 3: Jose Miguel Sanchez is the Head of the Sports Infrastructure Service of Valencia Region, and he is the coordinator for the Valencian Government for the new Sport Strategic Plan that is beeen developing together with IBV Valencia.

In 2018 the project for the development of the Strategic Plan for Physical Activity and Sports of the Generalitat Valenciana (PEEGV) was promoted by the General Directorate of Sport and it is being prepared by the Instituto de Biomecanica (IBV

The development of this Strategic Plan for Physical Activity and Sport (PEEGV) is key to the future of sport in the Valencian Region (CV) and it will be the reference instrument in sports planning and sports physical activity in the period 2020-28.

The European project INNO4SPORTS aims to share the experiences of different European regions with different levels of development and experience in sport. The ultimate goal is to improve the functioning and efficiency of regional development programs that can help unfold the innovative potential of sport.

The last project event was held in Lapland from Sept 30th to October the 3rd around the tematic of Sport & Tourism and Sport susteinability. Both themes are binded with political actors, that is why we have met José Luís Cervera, from the Sport area of the Valencian Government.

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