In Lodz, Poland the idea of using innovation in sports as a way to improve the health and wellbeing of citizens is growing, demonstrated during a visit of Inno4Sports to the region where local authorities and universities showed their interest in this topic. 

In the framework of the Interreg Europe Inno4Sports, the European Platform for Sport Innovation aims to strengthen cooperation among different regions in the sport ecosystem. Verde – Claster for Sport Innovations, one of the partners of Inno4Sports, organised an interactive meeting in Poland with relevant stakeholders of the Polish sport environment. The importance of sports innovation was discussed, and new ideas generated.

A good example of what innovation can lead to is the transformation of Polish carpet producer Dywilan S.A. By using the same technology to make woven carpets, it produces high quality woven artificial grass. With help of funds obtained from the European Union’s Cohesion Funds Dywilan S.A was able to launch its woven grass manufacturing line in the fall of 2010. Nowadays the family owned business is one of two manufacturers of woven artificial grass in Europe.

Lodz University of Technology

In Lodz we do not only see innovation within corporate companies, but also in education. The Lodz University of Technology (TUL) ranks third among Polish universities in the number of patent applications filed and granted. TUL promotes innovation through their Center for Technolohy Transfer. It works on innovations such as a textile wristband for measuring body hydration.

European University Games

Sports also plays an important role at TUL. The university build a a new sports centre with an Olympic swimming pool, a rock climbing wall, gym, squash and badminton fields and a place with room for handball, football, basketball. TUL has hosted several international championships and in 2022 the European University Games (EUSA) will be held at TUL.

Furthermore, TUL together with the University of Lodz and Medical University of Lodz, is working on inaugurating a new interuniversity study course connected strictly with sport.

There is no doubt the importance of sports and innovation is growing in Lodz. The above described initiatives also show once more the importance of sport for development at regional, national and European level. Exciting times are coming up for Lodz!