DYWILAN brand used to be known on the Polish and European market for its high-quality machine woven wollen carpets. Although the company history goes back to 19th century, today DYWILAN is an innovative and modern family owned business whose aim is continuous development. The company’s 130 years of weaving tradition status, still deepened knowledge and the experience have enabled it to transform into a vibrant, innovative company, specialized in the production of professional artificial grass for sport use.

The company is the first world producer of professional woven sport grass. The project started in 2010 and was a result of cooperation with two other partners – Textile University of Ghent in Belgium (the artificial grass institute ERCAT) and Van De Wiele - world leading supplier of carpet machines. Thanks to R&D activities, years of weaving experience and support from the European Cohesion Founds the company was able to implement an innovative production process to deliver a unique, highly durable and eco-friendly product on the market.

The sport activity is a constant developing part of our life so due to the resistance any kind of artificial grass increasingly replaces natural grass on sports pitches. Now not only on football club pitches, but also on training and multi-purpose pitches. Artificial grass is also widely used on tennis courts and golf courses.

The weaving technology allows to produce a wide range of eco-friendly products assuring an extreme pile yarn fixation, water permeability and natural look.

Fully recyclable products

DYWILAN is very concentrated in the ecology R&D and so 100% of the products are fully recyclable. The vast range of products is an answer to the announced restrictions on microplastics use, that are to be implemented in EU within some years. The hybrid grass range – reinforcing the natural pitches – and the non-infill grass give a perfect opportunity for the sport facility owners and users to have long-term high quality and an environment friendly sport surface.

For more information visit www.dywilan.pl or www.wovengrass.eu.