Be Strong is committed to make everyone fit and promote a healthy lifestyle via innovative and local produced equipment, like outdoor- and soccer fitness parks.

BeStrong (Member of MSE Hungarian Sport- and Lifestyle Development Cluster) has more than 12 years of experience in development, production and installation of outdoor sport and fitness parks. Their mission is to educate and promote healthy lifestyles by manufacturing the highest quality outdoor fitness equipment and providing training programs and make it available for everyone. The company has manufactured and installed over 1100 outdoor fitness parks across 9 countries and is currently expanding to other territories globally.

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in 2017 has indicated two key future directions to fight against growing obesity and ill health in the world: 

  • Promoting healthy environments: safe places for adults and children to exercise.
  • Focus on healthy children, promoting healthy lifestyle choices. 

Increased availability of fitness parks in public spaces which tends to develop a power of fitness community and provide an opportunity for a safe and effective outdoor experiences. 

Reflecting to users’ experience they keep monitoring and innovating to be able to build the highest quality parks with the best possible technology. Thanks to different EU funds the company could innovate and make a considerable growth. 

The equipment has been developed together with elite professional fitness coaches as well as international athletes and players. All parks are manufactured using high quality materials and it is resilient to all weather conditions and satisfies the needs of outdoor, indoor and functional training exercises. 

In the beginning fitness parks had been produced by subcontractors. Selling abroad started in 2015, and now fitness parks can be found in Switzerland, France, Italy, Romania, Greece and even in the United States.

Many years of experience and the huge demand for the parks motivated the company to establish a local factory in Debrecen. They have a proud history for design and manufacturing excellence. They design and create everything themselves, where they make all the individual park elements as well as the specialized rubberized flooring. 

BeStrong Soccer Fitness Park 

The BeStrong Soccer Training Park has been designed with full understanding of the physical demand of youth and professional players and the risk factors related to injury.

The Park provides users of any age or ability the potential to develop their general fitness, their soccer specific strength and their physical resilience which reduces the risk of injury.

BeStrong can manufacture custom designs in any shape, size or configuration, club colours and club logos can be added. The BeStrong Soccer Fitness Park has been manufactured from high quality materials and it is resilient to all the weather conditions.

For the users of the park, a BeStrong Soccer Fitness Park Application is being developed that will provide multilevel training videos to ensure the safe and effective use of the park.  

At the centre of the BeStrong Soccer Fitness Park philosophy are ‘FIFA Injury Prevention Strategies’ set alongside a deep understanding of the ‘demands of the game’. 

The Park has been developed with Peter Friar, current Head Physiotherapist at Ferencvaros, former Head of Sport Medicine at Sunderland AFC and Michael Clegg, current Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Manchester United. 

The BeStrong Soccer Fitness Park has 14 different elements:

  • Wall bars Pro & Monkey bars Pro 
  • Boxing bag Pro
  • TRX holder Pro & Painted ladders Pro
  • Painted ladder Pro
  • Lunge clock Pro
  • Low bar Pro
  • Single leg squat stand Pro
  • Rope Pro
  • Glute ham raise Pro
  • Balance board Pro
  • Nordic hamstring station pro
  • Jump box Pro
  • Lateral plyo box Pro
  • Vertec Pro 

Reflecting to the demands of the soccer fitness training, the company has developed 4 different sized soccer fitness parks: 

  • Small group training (Size: 115 m2, Capacity: 8 player, Elements: 10)
  • Starting eleven (Size: 190 m2, Capacity: 11 player, Elements: 15)
  • Match day squad (Size: 210 m2, Capacity: 18 player, Elements: 19
  • Full squad (Size: 240 m2, Capacity: 25 player, Elements: 26). 

BeStrong Technology Application 

The company has also developed a BeStrong Soccer Fitness Application that will provide multi-level training videos to ensure the safe and effective use of the park. Demonstrating their mission to educate all players to improve their fitness and overall health.

Users of the application will be able to choose from a wide range of workout collections including strength, agility, balance, core strength, injury prevention, endurance, speed, and power.  With the Application users will be able to develop the physical attributes of a soccer player and track their individual progress. 

The application will be available in both Android and IOS.

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