What are the learning cases?

Learning cases are specific sites in each region which are chosen by Innocastle partners and regional stakeholders in order to evaluate a specific issue related to a targeted policy instrument. The goal is to define opportunities and bottlenecks within the relation between the site and the targeted policy instrument.

In Innocastle, some partners use the Dutch approach developed by Gelders Genootschap, analyzing challenges, opportunities and stakeholders on various spatial levels:

1. A region or regional zone to which the country/ landed estate belongs to;

2. The country or landed estate as a part of a wider cultural landscape (including neighbouring country and landed estates, villages, etc.);

3. The country or landed estate as a heritage ensemble (including a country house or castle, side buildings, parklands, woodlands, farms, etc);

4. The country house or castle as the main building, the core of the country or landed estate.

Learning cases in each region

Read an overview of all the learning cases in Flanders, Gelderland, Badajoz and Romania and more detailed descriptions of each learning case here.