Our application for additional activities under the 5th call has been approved!

INNOGROW kicked off last Thursday, the 7th of October 2021, virtually.

The 7 partner organisations are namely:

  • Region of Thessaly (EL)
  • Lombardy Foundation for the Environment, FLA (IT)
  • The University of Newcastle upon Tyne (UK)
  • Stara Zagora Regional Economic Development Agency  (BG) 
  • Chamber of Commerce of Molise (IT)
  • Regional Development Agency of Gorenjska, BSC Business Support Centre L.t.d., Kranj (SL)
  • Pannon Novum West-Transdanubian Regional Innovation Non-Profit Ltd (HU)

Under this new call, all INNOGROW partners will initially map the COVID-19 impact on rural SMEs’ innovation and growth activities, document policy & implementation challenges encountered, and identify promising recovery & resilience pathways. Using these findings as a baseline, partners will organise three (3) interregional workshops to elaborate on the new knowledge acquired and address policy implementation gaps, so as to respectively build capacities on how to:

  1. take advantage & create synergies with opportunities offered by EU and national restructuring initiatives,
  2. support rural SMEs in planning for future crises by integrating risk management approaches in business models, and
  3. reorient rural SMEs’ innovation & growth activities towards green & digital pathways.

These policy exchanges will lead to the integration of lessons learnt in the policy instruments addressed, following a peer-review process.