The INNOTRANS interregional workshop was realized virtually today, 7th of July 2022, with the active participation of all partners. The workshop took place in the form of a preparatory PRE-event in order to pave the way for the final interregional event. 

The aim was to creatively map and interconnect the issues regarding the impact of COVID 19 on transport innovation towards feeding the final event and providing the basis for the analysis. To achieve this, co-creation participatory methods were adopted by the host partner, AUTh, and relevant templates were prepared on the MIRO tool for effective remote collaboration.

After the constructive discussions and the creation of the concept map, the participants were asked to virtually vote for the most important issues according to their point of view. Based on the votes received per topic, their prioritization followed. 

As for the next steps, AUTh will further elaborate on the results of the interregional workshop in order to rephrase them into questions to be posed to the invited stakeholders during the panel discussion on 29.8.2022 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Certain problem-solving methods have already been selected and will be used for this. In addition, the final outcomes, after AUTh's elaboration, will be adapted to graphically designed posters, will be printed and displayed at the venue of the final event aiming to comprise the starting point for the discussions.

So, to remain up-to-date about transport innovation in the era of COVID-19, stay tuned and register now to the final event of the INNOTRANS project: 

In case you are interested in participating as an exhibitor (free of charge), you can contact: [email protected] .