In Abruzzo region (Italy) generated a project that means revolution in the last mile transport and logistics. Its goals are to respect the environment and reduce waste of money and raw materials.

Shelter is a modular transport system consisting of box containers that can be assembled and disassembled fast and simply. This new system of box-containers has been drawn up for a car model Fiat Ducato and has been designed by company Gruppo Di Cosimo.

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 Advantages of the transport solution:

• Modularity of the transportation system: modular size of box units, “matrioška” principle, standardized shape and size

• System of 2 box units with different temperature (ambient and controlled temperature)

• Easy and fast loading and unloading

• Easy locking and unlocking

• Cost reduction: different temperature - more products - les vehicles

• Use of recyclable materials

 The Shelter supports intelligent handling of goods and smart mobility. The cars use an electric or hybrid drive and so contribute to significant reduction of CO2 emission.

 The project is one of the activities of the Italian Automotive Innovation Pole (Polo Innovazione Automotive) and was co-funded by the European Union under the Regional Operational Programme (Programma Operativo Regionale FESR Abruzzo 2007-2013). It belongs to examples of the best practice of the Abruzzo region.

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