Transport Systems Research Group of AUTh joined INNOTRANS project

The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh) is the largest higher education institution in Greece, with 42 Schools and around 100.000 students and personnel, covering a broad spectrum of scientific fields. 

The Transport Systems Research Group of AUTh (TSRG/AUTh) is a multidisciplinary Unit, which was established, by Prof. Aristotelis Naniopoulos, in the late 90’s within the School of Civil Engineering. TSRG/AUTh scientific activities fall under the areas of planning, management and operation of Transport Systems, as well as their impact on people and goods. Research activities focus on both transport-specific and horizontal issues, including the fields of environment and sustainable development & management, accessibility and “Design for all”, human factors, logistics, safety and policy & planning. TSRG/AUTh is working towards the promotion of sustainable and human-centred transport systems.

TSRG/AUTh has participated in various multidisciplinary international or national projects, funded both by public and private organisations, both as partner and coordinator. TSRG/AUTh has experience and expertise in sustainable and innovative transport (passengers and freight) measures and policies through various projects.

Through INNOTRANS project, TSRG/AUTh is going to enhance the innovation capacity of the transport related ecosystem of the Region of Central Macedonia (RCM) for facing social and environmental problems and promoting the competitiveness and economic sustainability of the area. The RCM is constituted of 38 municipalities covering an area of 18,810.52 km2, with population of about 1.9 million people. In addition, TSRG/AUTh will help the RCM to accomplish its vision, by suggesting measures for new schemes and projects in terms of infrastructure and capacity investments.

 Apart from the running INNOTRANS project, TSRG/AUTh is going to participate or is currently participating in other four projects, in the fields of Public Transport (PT) Innovation, accessibility improvement and mobility of people with disabilities, engagement of passengers in the PT planning processes, cultural heritage, and innovative urban logistics. 

 In particular, TSRG/AUTh has been acting as coordinator of the CIVITAS CIPTEC project (Horizon 2020). CIPTEC shares many common aspects and fields with INNOTRANS as it concerned the promotion and management of innovation within the PT. One of the main outputs of CIPTEC project is the development of the CIPTEC “Toolbox for PT Innovation”, which aims to support PTOs and PTAs in introducing innovation. 

 Now, CIPTEC project came to an end and its Final Conference was organised on 24th of April 2018, in Brussels.


Photopress©Yannis Tsouflidis