Beskid Technology Incubator organized on September 26, the second Local Stakeholders Group Meeting of the Innova-FI project. Taking place in Bielsko-Biała, the purpose of this LSG meeting was to present the project to the representatives of the local business scene - entrepreneurs and business institutions alike.

Within the framework of Innova-FI, Patrycja Węgrzyn presented the actions taken so far and pointed out the potential opportunities arisen from the project to the entrepreneurs and business institutions present in the room, highlighting how the financial instruments can support their businesses and how important they are in terms of the expected lower level of grants in the future programming period.

It was the first LSG meeting with this specific group, and therefore it was the first opportunity to present the good practices produced during the interregional learning. The tangible cases of Startup Lisboa, Portugal Ventures or the crowdfunding platforms operating in Lithuania were met with great interest, both from the entrepreneurs as potential beneficiaries, as from the representatives of business environment institutions, considering the examples above mentioned may become an inspiration for the development of their activities. At the end of the meeting, an invitation to participate in subsequent LSG meetings was phrased, as well as an invitation to the international meetings, the next one planned for January 2020 in Udine (Italy).

Photos of the Local Stakeholder Group Meeting