Innova-FI participated at the two days of ALI EXPO, an event organized by Azimut sgr that gathered over 60 keynote speakers and 10.000 participants to talk about how to leverage on private savings for boosting the real economy. The two days hosted at Milan Rho Fair explored the hot topics in financial innovation and entrepreneurship, through direct testimonies included in a dense program characterized by specific thematic itineraries.

In parallel to the conference sessions, the Startup Village offered a showcase space for innovative companies and other forms of innovations. Innova-FI was present at the Startup Village with the aim to provide information about the project goals and activities and to develop contacts with the main actors of the Italian startup ecosystem, as the crowdfunding platform Mama Crowd and the innovation magazine StartupItalia. 

Azimut sgr is an Italian asset management company that is paving the way to new financial instruments to the benefit of startups and SMEs. Alternative financial instruments such as private equity and venture capital, asset classes that used to be limited to professional and institutional investors, can now represent a profitable investment opportunity also for the retail investors. Startups and SMEs are the engine of the real economy and can represent a profitable alternative to the traditional investment into listed companies. This represents a timely answer to a national context characterized by a significant amount of private savings, low-interest rates and undercapitalization of small and medium enterprises.

Friuli Innovazione participated together with its stakeholders Friuli Venezia Giulia Region to present Innova-FI project and to grasp synergies between the project objectives and the role of the private sector in building new financial instruments to the benefit of startups and SMEs. Understanding the trends of the markets and the good practices of the private sector is the first step for a successful policymaking process.

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