KEPA held a meeting with stakeholders for Innova-FI project, on Thursday 24th of October 2019 in Athens. This local stakeholder group meeting was the first to be organised in Athens, after KEPA's decision to include a new Policy Instrument, namely the National Operational Programme ‘Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation’ (EPAnEK).

The representatives of policymaking organisations who took part in the meeting were extensively informed about the scope and the expected results of the project. Furthermore, a detailed presentation of the completed and future activities for the next period was given.  The detailed presentation given by Innova-FI partner, KEPA included: 

  • Project overview and partnership
  • Scope, Common challenges & Performance indicators
  • Methodology and Policy Instruments selected
  • Completed activities: Exchange of Experience, LSG and Study Visits
  • On-going and up-coming activities

The participants showed a great interest in the project and posed many questions regarding the separate aspects of the projects, especially with regards to good practices, exchange of experiences and publicity matters.  In the discussion that followed, all of them exchanged ideas on the joint planning for the up-coming actions (basically the next meetings with the stakeholders), so that as many possible actors of the related ecosystem are involved in the project and so that a substantial result is achieved by the project in relation to the financial instruments for SMEs in Greece. 

Moreover, the selection of good practices from Greece was validated and the data extraction for the self-defined performance indicator was set. The two good practices that will be presented from Greece are: (a) the Guarantee Action of the Entrepreneurship Fund (TEPIX) and (b) Equifund.