ANI has held the second local stakeholder group meeting in Portugal. This meeting took place on Wednesday, 20th of November 2019, in the Centro Region.  The purpose of this LSG meeting was to introduce the Innova-FI project to stakeholders who had no previous knowledge of the project, as well as share and disseminate the good practices and the exchange of experience results to those organizations that play an important role and are involved in the process of political construction and implementation of financial instruments. This meeting was attended by representatives of policymaking organizations, firms and R&D institutions in Portugal. 

Alexandre Almeida, Project Manager (ANI), presented the Innova-FI project, including the project overview, goals and conceptual approach. The stakeholders were introduced to the tools already developed in the project, namely the qualitative e-Questionnaire made by Aliasgroup to present the tool 'Financing Innovation' and its outputs in a more visual and appealing mode. Furthermore, ANI’s team shared the learnings from the previous Exchange of Experience events and presented the upcoming activities for the next period.   

The participants showed a great interest in the project, sharing many contributions and comments. The participants stressed the importance of developing new forms of financial support for innovation activities, including innovative financial instruments. It was emphasized the necessity to move away from a dependence on grants culture, which is the current standard in the R&D and innovation field and to achieve a better alignment of financial instruments with other support measures.

Event Photos