ANI has held the third local stakeholder group meeting in Portugal. This meeting took place on Wednesday, 11th of December 2019, in Porto. The meeting also had the participation of Innova-FI project partners KEPA and ARRSA who were able to share their experience and good practices in Financial Instruments first-hand with the Portuguese stakeholders.

During the day, a good practice sharing session was held with the presence of project partners and various relevant national stakeholders in this field, including venture capitals and business angels, public agencies and the ROP managing authority. The Financial Instruments used in three countries (Portugal, Greece and Poland) were discussed and good practice case studies were shared.

Alexandre Almeida, Project Manager (ANI), presented the Innova-FI project, including the project overview, goals and conceptual approach to the stakeholders, as well as upcoming activities for the next period. The national stakeholders shared good practices and financial instruments case studies, such as Portugal Ventures, a Portuguese venture capital that invests in companies in the seed and early stages and the Financing Portal developed by IAPMEI, an online portal that allows firms and entrepreneurs to easily find the available financial instruments most suited for their needs. 

Representatives from KEPA shared their knowledge about FIs in Greece and presented the microSTARS case study. The partners from ARRSA presented the case of Polish venture capital fund Technobit and Beskid Technology Accelerator.

The participants discussed the case studies presented with great interest. This discussion produced many valuable insights on how to integrate financial instruments in order to avoid overlaps and improve user access, particularly in the early stages. The participants also discussed the best ways in which structural funds can be used to boost the social returns on investment of FIs.

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