Partners and stakeholders from Inside Out EU project meet 12th and 13th December in Matera (Italia). There, the representants from Regio Basilicata, one of the partners of the project, presented some of the good practices in their region supporting internationalization.

The study visit started with the presentation of the Special Economic Zones (SEZ), a new tool for innovation and internationalization in Italy.

Antonio Bernardo, project manager of Basilicata in Inside Out EU project, described the Smart Specialization Strategy and the internationalization policies in Basilicata Region.

The first day of the visit included also information about District TeRN (Technologies for Earth Observations and Natural Hazards), a case of success combining innovation and internationalization.

The represente from Chamber of Commerce of Matera, Vito Signati, introduced "Project Mirabilia, internationalization of Unesco sites", explaining how internationalization and culture can work together.

Another project studied in Matera was Mapping Basilicata, a project by Sviluppo Basilicata awarded. Patrizia Orofino talked about this project which has been working on 100 SMEs from the region in order to improve their international profile.

During the study visit, the participants had also the opportunity to meet some projects supported by the regional internationalization support system: Casamatera District, Automotive Cluster, Domec Solutions and Matera – Basilicata 2019 Foundation.

During the second day of the study visit to Basilicata, Bruno Fortunato introduced the Applica company, a successful internationalized start up. Carmela Cornacchia presented Apre Desk and the support that this organization brings to SMES in Basilicata.

The study visit finished with a visit to Space Geodesy Centre, a hub for attracting new companies to the region.