IDIVAL,the Intencive´s Spanish partner, as an european Reference Site of the European Network EIPonAHA, led the webinar ‘e-Health and Telemedicine solutions empowering person-centred care: What's been going on?’.

The main goals of the event were:

• To involve members who represent different Reference Sites for the generation of networking.

• To showcase concrete projects related to these actions networks to disseminate their impact.

• To generate discussion about the main topic of the workshop, ‘what is the present and future of telemedicine?’

In this workshop, experts explained the progress and efforts of different European and National projects using digital innovation technologies targeting chronically ill groups. The experts were: on behalf of TiChroN Marisa Oliveira, Oscar van Dijk for the Emma COPD platform and Sanna Inkeri on behalf of INTENCIVE project. A total of 3 virtual rooms were set up so the attendees could have a first-hand experience with the members of these projects and ask them questions, as well as learn about the tools in a more interactive way. Last part of the event held an e-health conference.


In the first part of the event Sanna on behalf of the INTENCIVE project described the objectives of the project and its phases. Later, in a workshop with a smaller number of attendees, he reviewed the BIKVA model on which the project is based. At the end of the day, all the speakers participated in a round table that dealt with the reality of telemedicine in these times.

One of the main conclusions of the debate was that one of the key aspects on which the debate was based was that e-Health should be considered as a resource and tool for personalised care and monitoring of patients with chronic diseases. Telemedicine must be accessible and appropriate for all agents involved in the patient's overall health. ‘Telemedicine is not only about tools, is about processes, is about health, is about people’.