By the creation of a showroom, this action plan intends to further support the knowledge, the development of innovative e-health solutions addressing disabled persons on the Breton territory and a better appropriation by health professionals and patients of these innovative solutions developed by Breton, national or European companies. It enables the demonstratation of new technological innovations for disabled persons created by the REHABLAB or by SMEs. It helps testing them with patients and health professionals. It intends to promote them at local, regional, national and European level and thus make them accessible to as many people as possible.

In link with its regional and local stakeholders, Biotech Santé Bretagne selected the Finnish showroom good practice to be transferred in Bretagne in Ploemeur in the COWORK’HIT. The Breton showroom will notably be focusing on health and well-being innovation technologies used by disabled persons.

The national program ’Investing for the Future’ (Programmes Investissements d’avenir - PIA3) is sustaining the development of the digital society in Bretagne in health sector and notably the activity of the COWORK’HIT centre of innovation which is transferring the finnish showroom. It will then be the main strategic document sustaining this action plan.

With this action plan, the development of an e-health innovation showroom, inspired by the finnish good practice of South Ostrobohnia Region, will enable the creation of new activities that will influence the implementation and development of the COWORK’HIT ’s activities. It will enable the center of innovation to pursue new activities targeting disabled persons, thanks to its showroom.

The showroom activities are: trainings (breakfasts etc) ; tests with users on solutions (panel/questionnaires) for companies & communication activities on innovations, structure the posting via videos and user testimonials. They already began in March 2022.

The solutions in the showroom will have a high level of Metrology (geometric and three-dimensional control services (CML): solutions ready to be distributed or just marketed.

The Action Plan is available HERE