At.home is a unique demonstration and test environment to supporting citizens and companies in the digital transition in the field of health industry and homecare. 

The pilot project was supported by the Interreg Europe project to equip an average room with smart devices to create a platform for the citizens especially for the seniors and their relatives to inform about the solutions supporting them in their daily life. There are 3 thematic domains – socializing, security and health monitoring of seniors – with 30 digital devices from robotics through sensor technology, to telemetric data collection.  

Beside the demonstration function, it hosts social care related trainings for formal and informal caregivers, enables research and prototype development actions for businesses. The facility works in strong cooperation with the local digital innovation hub, am-LAB. First large scale company involvement was took place during mid-February, where companies can explore potential application areas.

The scope of the activities is extended in the future with a new feature. Testing evironment with the involvement of private housholds will be launched in the next months to provide service for the businesses to test their health and/or home care related developments in a real environmnet with real customers before step into the market.

Smart Senior Room facilitates orientation towards the health sector in Western Hungary, as an integral element of a 10-year strategy (Szombathely2030). In addition to embedding in the local ecosystem, we also place an important emphasis on connecting to international networks.

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