How to develop new, accessible, and user-friendly models, practices and tools for providing different types of high-quality health services accessible to all citizens not depending on their age or place of living. This question has been guiding us through our discussions with project partners and meetings with stakeholders from different parts of Europe. The region of South Ostrobothnia has developed many innovative solutions, but it is exactly the confrontation of available solutions in partner regions that stimulates further development and innovation. There are three actions taking place in the region of South Ostrobothnia inspired by the INTENCIVE project partners’ solutions.

First, based on good practices in the Maltese region of Gozo, we plan to adapt and further develop for our regional needs, digital solutions for maintaining social activities among the elderly citizens. Thanks to this, senior citizens maintain their social interaction skills for longer and present increased levels of happiness as they can enjoy, among others, cultural events from the comfort of their homes. The main responsible for this implementation will be Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences (SeAMK).

The second action planned to be adapted for South Ostrobothnian needs is the improved support for the elderly and people with memory disorders, who live at home. The number of these people will continue growing, already in 2023 reaching a level of 25 100 in our region. Based on knowledge gained through the project, including two good practices from Bretagne (France) and West-Transdanubia (Hungary), the City of Seinäjoki conducts an AgeHome project to further support the elderly in South Ostrobothnia and lower pressure on the healthcare system. Action will be later managed by the new Wellbeing Services County.

Also, INTENCIVE project has influenced the new policy instrument during the write-up process of the new Regional Programme 2022-2025. New Regional Strategy (including Regional Programme 2022-2025) was approved in December 2021. Officers responsible for writing the Regional Programme have actively involved several stakeholders from the region, including SeAMK and INTENCIVE project workers while drawing up the content of the Regional Programme.

These above actions are just the main part of improvements that will be included in the region, but thanks to INTENCIVE project our stakeholders had a chance to also improve other processes and find inspiration in how specific issues are handled in other regions.

Get more information about each of the actions, how they will be realised and funded, and who is responsible for them by reading the Action Plan.

 The Action Plan is available in the Library