3 member companies of Biotech Santé Bretagne involved into Covid 19 crisis

1) MAPUI Labs:

MAPUI Labs Company has been managing 2 platforms (MAPUI and HOSPIVILLE) which are deeply involved into the Covid 19 crisis.


MaPUI platform:

MaPUI aims to facilitate and secure the exchange of information between hospital pharmacy departments, to ease lending and borrowing of medicine between hospitals and to make economies thanks to the exchange of expensive and potentially expiring medicines and medical devices. The MaPUI platform provides a communication tool to hospital pharmacy departments and allows the real time sharing of information about available/needed medicines and medical devices. 


HOSPIVILLE platform:

It is a coordination tool for medication reconciliation between the various healthcare professionals around a single patient in a given territory (notably coordination between in-patient and out-patient organizations). The Hospiville platform provides access to the patient personal medication file and enable medication reconciliation.


2) NG Biotech:

The company was selected within the call for proposals published by the Agence de l’innovation de la défense. The French Ministry of Defence supports the project of Covid 19 blood test developed by NG Biotech.

Based in Guipry, next to Rennes, will be funded with a one million euros grant that will enable the Biotech company to quickly begin the production of these new testing kits.

With one drop of blood, this strip test will enable to detect in only 15 minutes the antibodies produced by the body during the SARS-CoV-2 virus infection.

It is the first ultra-fast blood test produced and clinically tested in France.

The company funder, Milovan Stankov Pugès, plans to produce 500 000 tests in May, 800 000 in June and 1 million in July.

The Brittany Region is sustaining the company and will co-fund it with a 250 000 € direct aid for this blood collection kit.

3) Biosency:

Delivery of the first monitoring bracelets of Biosency thanks to Asica and Astuaplast:

The start-up located in Rennes, specialized in telemonitoring and prevention of respiratory insufficiency, is accelerating its production of connected bracelets.

Supported by the Region Bretagne, the company got the agreement to exploit its medical device before the sanitary crisis, to assure the remote processing of people suffering from respiratory destress in order to facilitate their return at home.

Hospitals, notably APHP ones, are interested by this solution which enable to free up intensive care beds and to follow up patients either at hospital or for ambulatory cares.

600 bracelets will be produced with the collaboration of Asica and Astuaplast. The 2 sub-contractors both reopened their production tools for the occasion.

Marie Pirotais, the funder, will soon be able to deliver the first bracelets.