Last year, the Southern Regional Assembly along with Cork City Council hosted an event titled “The Race Against Rob” during the European Mobility Week 2019 in Cork City as part of the Interreg Europe MATCH-UP project. World Champion, Olympic Medallist and National Record Holder for the 50km walking race Rob Heffernan, a native of Cork, led the race as a community and youth ambassador.

Over 70 members of the public joined Rob Heffernan to highlight the 2019 European Mobility Week theme “Walk with Us!” which focused on safe walking and cycling, and the ways active mobility can benefit our health and environment. The public was encouraged to “Race against Rob” using low carbon means of transport such as cycling, bike hire and public transport.

The event was a huge success in engaging the public to influence their behaviour to use more active, low carbon transport in the city. It also showcased the ease of using bikes around Cork city and encouraged public to change their behaviour and become more active base on their experience.

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