Committee on Environmental and Health crisis : Governance and solidarity challenges
Comité Crise environnementale et sanitaire: Enjeux de gouvernance et solidarité                            

                                                               Draft Agenda

                                                    4 October 2022 - 10:00 am 12:00 am

                                                                            Hybrid meeting

                                            Room 2 – Palais de l’Europe – Strasbourg (France)



Moderation by Anne Marie Chavanon (IFHP), chair of the committee

1. Support to the Council of Europe contribution to SDGs and the 2030 Agenda

On the way to Health and Environment World Summits:

1.1. The Health Summit 2022 (16-18 October Berlin)

Central topics

  •  Investment for Health and Well-Being
  •  Climate Change and Planetary Health
  •  Architecture for Pandemic Preparedness
  •  Digital Transformation for Health
  •  Food Systems and Health
  •  Health Systems Resilience and Equity
  •  Global Health for Peace

Invited speakers

Dr Jozsef GABANYI: Medical doctor, geriatrician, President of NGO

Dominique PREDALI: Journalist and author

Laurence LWOFF, Secretary of the Committee on bioethics CD-BIO: “Health literacy and children’s participation in decisions concerning their health” (tbc)

Prof. Dr. HENK ROSENDAAL, researcher University of Applied Sciences of Rotterdam and Vildana GACIC City of Rotterdam, policy advisor, coordinator HOPE project responding to Heat waves in the Older People Ecosystem

Exchange of views

1.2. The COP27 (7-18 November Charm el Sheikh)

Roberto CIAMBETTI, President of the Veneto Regional Council (Italy), Italian ambassador for the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, Committee of the Regions member of the ENVE (Environment, Climate change and Energy Commission)

Paolo BARNABA, European Affairs, Province of Treviso, project INTENSIFY “More Carbon reduction through intense community engagement”

Ignacio SOCIAS, Director of International relations (IFF International Federation for Family Development)

Miltos SAKELLARIOU (Greece), Counselling psychologist, on Extreme summer temperatures in Greece and traditional Bioclimatic architecture

Exchange of views

2. Followings of Last recommendations and recent involvements by Elena CURTOPASSI, Rapporteur, ELISAN Steering committee

 Exchange of views

Conclusion by Anne Marie Chavanon