Energy Cities is launching a peer-learning online programme for elected officials, civil servants and civil society actors motivated to foster energy transition governance process in (their) cities. The four-month programme will start online on March 11th.

The programme will support participants to connect, learn and share experiences on how to facilitate multi-actor engagement processes for the transition. Energy Cities will introduce the collective knowledge and experience gathered as part of the TOMORROW project on how to envision and facilitate energy transition governance processes.

- Do you work in a local authority or are you involved in supporting the sustainability transition in collaboration with municipalities (e.g. by setting up an energy cooperative, by facilitating multi-stakeholder collaborations, by running local associations or NGOs operating at city level, by conducting action research in your city, etc.)?

- Are you interested in approaches to envision and facilitate multi-actor engagement process towards sustainability transition in your city?

- Do you want to learn from inspiring examples of multi-actor engagement of other cities?

Join and invite your peers for an Energy Transition Learning Relay on governing energy transitions and facilitating multi-actor engagement processes.

Register by 28 February 2021:

Learn more about the programme: