The Province of Treviso is facilitating five online lessons to engage with the secondary school students and the municipalities in the region to reduce carbon emissions through community engagement. The latest workshop held recently explored a variety of carbon reduction aspects such as; reading an energy bill, examining the advantages of a PV plant, discovering the potentials of energy communities, and also illuminating the importance of individual behaviour in the use of energy and investigating the new instruments made available by national and European institutions to import the energy efficiency in the Treviso region.


Here follows the agenda of the lessons (in Italian):

29 Jan – Production, management and measuring of electric energy. From the power plant to the bills

12 Feb – Responsible behaviour: the Behavioural Demand Side Management

24 Feb – Energy Communities: a new instrument for renewable energies

19 Mar – Instruments for the engagement of local communities: the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan

24 Mar – N-ZEB buildings and thermal account



The lessons will be held via the Microsoft Teams communication platform. To participate in the events or for more information please write to [email protected]