The headquarters of the German Federal Environmental Agency is located in Dessau. On the 7th and 8th March 2019, the Agency hosted the Intensify Project partners and selected stakeholders at their HQ building - the UBA (Underwelt BundesAmt). The agency. Speaking about the agencies vision Dr. Benno Hain stated that the HQ building which opened in 2005 is a living example of Germany's commitment to the low carbon economy and positive energy districts. The agency employs over 800 people in Dessau. The agencies responsibilities include climate action and energy. The agency has an annual budget of €122,000,000. This budget is spent on activities including scientific work, collecting data, educating the public, implementing statutory provisions and work with international partners such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the European Environment Agency. Since 2014 the UBA has been supporting the Federal Ministry of the Economy and Energy by providing scientific knowledge on energy questions and issues such as renewable energy sources.

Dr. Hain stated that the commencement of the Interreg Europe Intensify project is very timely because there is a need for government bodies to assist the general public to take ownership of the problem so that long term and lasting climate mitigation measures can be designed and implemented.