Coopérnico the Portuguese renewable energy cooperative started two years ago has a single goal - the promotion of renewable energy technologies usage through the empowerment of citizens. This is message Rita Marauco of Coopérnico gave to the partners and stakeholders at the third Interreg Europe Intensify project even held in Dessau-Roblau. Dessau-Roblau is located at the confluence of the river Mulde and Elbe  in the Saxony-Anhalt region of Germany.

Rita went onto say that Coopérnico is one of over 2,500 renewable energy cooperatives working throughout Europe under the guidance of the RESCOOP  organisation.

Coopérnico wants to achive fair and reasonable priced energy model based on renewables and a sustainable environment. It wants energy to be a social product with a guaranteed future supply chain. It wants to get citizens and private companies energy involved in a new paradigm - renewable and decentralised for the benefit of society and the environment.

Coopérnico is committed to a 100% green energy future, creating social value for its members, developing local economies and building long and trusting relationships through integrity and transparency.

Currently Coopérnico is foicused on three main areas - renewable energy production, the commercialization of energy for its members and energy efficiency.

Currently Coopérnico has 1,300 members, invested €1,200,000 and has 760 renewable energy projects in place.

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