This Thursday, 17th of June we had an Online Action Planning Workshop. Each partner had two tasks during this workshop. 


  • At the beginning of the Workshop, each region had to present its Action Plan PPT in max. 10 minutes


  • The partnership was divided into 3 breakout rooms, where partners discussed the feedback and suggestions on Action Plans within the pair. Pairs were divided as follow: 
  1. Poland 1 (ACEP) – Spain (BURGOS & SODEBUR)
  2. Lithuania (Klaipéda Mun & Klaipéda ID) – Poland 2 (RRDA)
  3. Hungary (PANNON EGTC) – Italy (LOMB)

After this workshop, all partners received general feedback on the Action Plans:

  • Action Plans are to be easy to read for all, also those not knowing the region or the Policy instrument, esp. Executive summary
  • Formal adoption/approval by the policy-responsible body of the action plans: for which Action Plan is relevant? 
  • Operational and feasible actions are needed, also including who is doing what, intense monitoring is expected by Lead Partner in Phase 2
  • Finalisation of the Action Plan is still ahead, elaboration is a long process.
  • The final version has to be designed (photos, nice outlook).