To ensure the efficient and effective project implementation, INTRA has set up project structures with specific functions.

The Steering Committee (SC) is in charge of making strategic decisions of the project, monitoring the implementation and intervening if needed to ensure a sound operation in line with the approved Application Form and the Subsidy Contract in terms of activities, time and financial progress. In its work, the SC is supported by the PCT.

The Project Coordination Team (PCT)  is responsible for the day to day management and overall coordination of project activities, fulfilling project level reporting duties, and keeping contact with all partners and the JS.

The Interregional Task Force (ITF) is set up by members of each project partner as well as their external experts, and is be responsible for the content management of the Exchange of Experiences Activity. It consists of three Expert Groups in which all project partners are represented: 1. Leadership, organisation and management of internationalisation policies; 2. Training, human resources needed for internationalisation; 3. Financial resources for internationalisation.