PEER REVIEW GROUP ASSESSMENT EVENT: City of Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg 5-6 July 2022

ITHACA partners Basque Country, Nouvelle Acquitaine, Malopolska, Liverpool, Noord-Brabant and Slovenia will come together in Mannheim for a peer review organised through several sessions.

Integrated Care: digital tools

It is widely accepted that digital tools can effectively support health care transformation. Across Europe, many hospital beds are occupied by patients with chronic conditions, necessitating careful coordination of the healthcare and social welfare systems in order to reduce costs and improve overall care. This session will provide an overview of common implementation considerations, ranging from data integration to social environments and personalized medicine, followed by examples of implementation successes from examples of ITHACA regions – providing practical examples of how to put knowledge into practice.

Opportunities in a Crisis: What do Digital Tools have to offer?

Across Europe the healthcare sector is under great pressure, and while these issues prevailed already before the COVID-19, this pandemic has certainly magnified the issues and pointed to where the shortcomings are. However, we have also seen that a crisis can also be driver for innovation and the Corona Crisis has done it’s part in boosting digitalization in health and care. In this session we will take a look at what digital tools have to offer in a crisis, followed by examples of and comments by stakeholders from ITHACA regions.

On the second day Dr. Layla Distler (Head of Integrated Care / Hospital Unit, Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Integration, State of Baden-Württemberg) will talk about the way to integrated care in Baden-Württemberg. this is followed by a last session.

Digital Innovation, Social Care and the Elderly during Covid-19

When personal interactions were reduced to a minimum to reduce if not prevent the spread of the virus, social care organizations had to find alternative ways to deliver services, especially to vulnerable groups. To provide ongoing support, social care organizations had to shift abruptly to e-health solutions. During this session we will have a look at some examples from Baden Württemberg and other ITHACA regions in order to get insights into different adoption and adaption processes.

FINAL CONSORTIUM EVENT: City of Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg 6-7 July 2022 

Round Table: Different perspectives on the effectiveness of Government measures to provide support to businesses: from Pharma Industry, from MedTech, social entrepreneurs and creative Industry.

Wat can we learn from dealing with COVID-19 in facing future threats?

1. How to deal with risks related to insecurity and complexity? When common strategies and business approaches are not leading to the expected effects.

2. How does creativity help in finding new approaches that contribute to the real purpose of businesses and required system innovation?

At the end of the event we will also look into the path ahead: how to continue the cooperation and safegueard the learning?