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Health and assistance


Health and assistance: stakeholder’s meeting in the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region

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PRGA meeting Mannheim 5-7 July 2022


Peer review group assessment and final ITHACA event in Baden-Württemberg 5-7...

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Peer review on social innovation in Krakow


On June 8-9 a Peer Review Group Assessment meeting took place in Krakow on...

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Municipality of Medvode adopts Age-friendly Strategy


PP3 has successfully partnered with the Municipality of Medvode in preparing an...

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Peer Review Group Assessment in Basque Country


ONLINE Peer Review Group Assessment event on 'Digitalisation Health and Care...

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Looking back at the PRGA Liverpool


During the PRGA in Liverpool, delegates from the UK, Germany, Poland and...

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Focus on telehealth during PRGA Liverpool


At the PRGA meeting in Liverpool on March 15 and 16, ITHACA partners talk about...

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Case study Brabants Outcomes Fund


This case study, conducted by Avance Impact (commissioned by EIB) not only...

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Financial support for companies with positive impact


Brabant Outcomes Fund round 2: financing businesses which have a positive impact...

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Trans-County Living Lab approved


The application for setting up a trans-county living lab in Baden Württemberg...

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Video: What we learned in the ITHACA project


Partners share what they took home from the ITHACA project.

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Looking back from the shores of ITHACA


Partners from nine regions met at ITHACAs Final Conference in Eindhoven to...

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