The INTERREG EUROPE project „LAST MILE“, under the leadership of the Austrian Environment Agency, aims at finding innovative, flexible solutions for sustainable regional mobility systems. The project wants to guarantee that visitors can travel the ‘last mile’ of their travel chain in a sustainable manner and residents can enjoy alternatives to the individual car use for their daily trips as well.
The project focuses on the accessibility of transportation on the last link of the travel from origin to destination (so called "last mile"). It collects and analyses solutions to fill this gap with sustainable modes of transport. The project also examines environmental benefits as well as long term resource- and cost-efficiency.
LAST MILE has aimed, among others, at emphasising how a sound institutional framework can facilitate the implementation of demand-oriented transport solutions (public, sharing, pooling). The project uses lessons learnt to further encourage regional stakeholders to try new approaches that have been successful in other regions in Europe when they develop regional action plans or revise existing regional policy instruments.

Through the final conference, the project consortium wants to share a synthesis of results: on the one hand we will highlight requirements for a more supporting framework. On the other hand we will be able to present regional projects realized under already improved framework conditions with joint efforts of our partners and their stakeholders.
Notable tourism and transport experts will explore the results from the scientific and technical viewpoint.
Our ambition is furthermore to offer a platform for all stakeholders who are interested in the topic, to connect once more with stakeholders from other regions and to exchange their experiences with pushing the “last mile” topic forward – assuming there are transferable approaches in every region.
The final event will be hosted by the local Austrian partner, the Regional Management of East Tyrol. The participation is free of charge.


- Key note: The “last mile” in the spotlight of the current transport and environment report

- Results of the LAST MILE project in a nutshell

- Stories from the regions with a focus: improved legal, institutional, economic frameworks and new mobility concepts implemented

- Introduction to sustainable long-term concepts for flexible transport systems

- Local best practice: Tyrol`s sustainable tourist mobility initiative

- Panel discussion “How politics should support the implementation of flexible transport services?”


Due the current outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) the final conference is cancelled. A brochure summarizes the results from the project. Thank you for your interest in the project. If you have questions or comments, feel free to contact us.