Right before the Christmas break of the weirdest of years, on December 17th 2020, our lead partner Giulia Bubbolini from CISE was the fire-starter at TeRRItoria’s 2nd #ResponsibleRegions Dialogue.

At MARIE we value cooperation with H2020 projects: it is the perfect combination of knowledge building and a hands-on approach than can push RRI forward. Along with Interreg Central Europe ROSIE, we mare the only ETC project focusing on RRI over the last EU budget period, and we have managed to raise some buzz, in addition to bringing RRI into the local innovation support actions of eight EU territories.

At TeRRItoria's 2nd #ResponsibleRegions Dialogue, we provided some insights into some of MARIE’s achievements and to have an open and stimulating conversation will Dimitri Corpakis (Friends of Smart Specialisation), Ninetta Chaniotou (Senior Project Manager at Kainuu Regional Council) and the moderator Esteban Pelayo (Director of EURADA).

With 2021-2027 Regional Smart Specialisations taking shape, the debate on RRI (how to frame it, how to support it, how to embed it, how to measure it) is hot and the diversity of approaches and solutions proposed all but a demonstration that there is genuine intention to do things that matter (as opposed to one-size-fits-all).

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