After taking part in TeRRItoria’s #ResponsbileRegions series of dialogues and exchanging with TRANSFORM through their advisory board, MARIE took part in SeeRRI’s grand finale.

We attended their final events in Barcelona on 29th and 30th September 2021, participated in the poster session and (drum roll) we are the only non H2020 SWAFS 14 project included in their booklet on RRI in regional policies!

Cooperation does pay off! We knew that from being part of the Interreg family and took that beyond by exchanging with a number of projects, including the now successfully closed RRI Practice, COMPASS, RRING, SMART-map and MARINA. It’s been the perfect match between the creation of new knowledge that is typical of R&I projects and the hands-on approach of Interreg projects, facing the challenge of building capacity to improve existing policy instruments and make them aim better and higher than their original design.

MARIE is grateful to SeeRRI for acknowledging that in their booklet!