At the end of 2017, a number of our partners met with their regional stakeholders to discuss the MARIE project.

In the region of Attica, the Region of Attica and AUEB-RC/BCLab organised the 2nd Local Stakeholder Group (LSG) meeting with stakeholders from public authorities, enterprise support organisations, academia and associations. The active participation of local stakeholders in the LSG meeting has affirmed their interest both in RRI and in MARIE. It was again highlighted that while RRI appears to be highly relevant for the nascent regional innovation policy, the support of local stakeholders is instrumental for incorporating RRI in the regional innovation policy.

In Bucharest, the stakeholder workshop also confirmed an interest in incorporating RRI principles into project applications. However, participants also felt that there is a need to raise awareness and capacity on RRI in the region. This will be a priority for the MARIE partner UEFISCDI in the next period of activities.