We are all back at work after the Christmas Break and looking back over a great first Project Year!

We have active stakeholder groups in all regions, we’ve identified some interesting Good Practices (you’ll see them soon on the Policy Learning Platform!), we’ve started analysing our regions’ levels of maturity in Responsible Research and Innovation and we’ve interviewed innovative SMEs in all our regions. Through 3 Interregional Learning Events, we’ve created a group of interested and active partners, all keen to integrate responsibility into their policy instruments.

So what do we have in store for 2018? We’ll be completing the Maturity Mapping and matching up regional needs with our Good Practices. We’ll be meeting up again for our 4th Interregional Learning Event, this time in Tampere (Finland) together with an open seminar on Responsibility in Open Innovation Platform Development . We’ll keep working with our regional and interregional stakeholders and with other European initiatives operating in this field. We are looking forward to sharing our ideas and results with you!