Interreg Europe MARIE Local Stakeholder Group Meeting #3 took place in Sarsina, Emilia Romagna on March 29th, 2018 in cooperation with the open innovation network Percorsi Erratici.

The cooperation between MARIE and Percorso Erratici supports embedding of responsible innovation principles in the open innovation projects shared by the enterprise belonging to the network.

The meeting was hosted by the Cangini Benne srl, producers of construction machinery attachments since 1989, with strong ties with the local territory, a true passion for innovation and a focus on health and safety.

The meeting had a very practical approach: get to know the firm and its innovation drivers and brainstorm about possible innovation projects, factoring in environmental and social concerns and openness to clients and users.

The discussion was triggered by an insight in the most recent development in sensors technology, by prof. Aldo Romani from the University of Bologna.

The closing remarks by Mr Giorgio Cangini were a declaration of great care for the health and safety of workers (desirability of innovation results) of as the company’s main innovation driver and a commitment to share (stakeholder engagement) their innovation process with local R&D providers, including support to technical dissertations (science education) as well as clients and the actual final users.