Phase 1 is finished for MARIE, but we were granted some budget for additional exchange activities in Phase 2. The initial idea was that there were be some travelling, some participation in an Innovation Café in the beautiful city of Bucharest….COVID 19 has put that on hold for a while, but that doesn’t mean the exchange stops! 

At the end of last year, our partner from Southern Regional Ireland (SRA) heard about our Romanian partner UEFISCDI’s plan to create an RRI Contact Point in Bucharest. They were keen to learn more. Is this something that could be set up in Ireland too? 

With a little help from technology, last week SRA and UEFISCDI set up a meeting to talk over the idea.

UEFISCDI is setting up their RRI Contact Point within their Innovation Café Team (Cafeneaua de Inovare). This means that they will have a network of people supporting regional stakeholders to find out about RRI and about how to access opportunities. Support will be provided on-line, through guidance and mentoring and during the regular Innovation Café events.

This was a first chance to exchange ideas and questions. UEFISCDI will keep us up to date with how the work plan for the RRI Contact Point unfolds and SRA will think about any elements that could be transferred into Southern Ireland.

There is so much to learn about RRI, that the exchange just never stops!! 

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash