Our partner UEFISCDI has launched a new collaboration with representatives of EMBRACE project,  the Romanian National School of Political Studies and Public Administration. This cooperation aims to identify and promote synergies between RRI and corporate social entrepreneurship (CSE).  

EMBRACE promotes CSE in higher education programmes and improve students’ competences, employability and attitudes contributing to the creation of new business opportunities dealing with social change in companies.

The Innovation Cafe and MARIE partner from Romania attended a focus group organised by EMBRACE on 5th of June 2020. The focus group tried to define the concept of corporate social entrepreneurship in Romania and to identify its links with social entrepreneurship, social responsibility, ethics and social impact.  

Furthermore, UEFISCDI has supported the EMBRACE members in identifying examples of enterprises with a transversal approach to CSE in the company structure. This information comes from knowledge acquired during the Innovation Cafe organised within MARIE project in February 2019 and from the MARIE enterprise survey. Following this dialogue, two companies identified as good practice examples for RRI were considered as good practice examples for CSE.

Happy to see our work in MARIE helping others!