So we can't go far, and we have to social distance and we can't travel much....but we can still spread the Responsible Innovation word!

MARIE will be part of the webinar "Research, Innovation and the greater good" on 25 September 2020. Hosted by ART-ER, Emilia Romagna's Innovation agency, the webinar looks at how Smart Specialisation Strategies can benefit from RRI. Not to be missed! More information here.  

Then in October, we'll have another partner meeting, finding out how our partners have been managing to implement their RRI Action Plans over the last few months. Watch this space for updates!

And near the end of October things get even more exciting: we'll be back at the Responsible Innovation Summit on the 20th/21st. Third year running! Find out more here.

Stay safe and stay responsible!

Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash