MOMAr, a project of the Interreg European Program aiming to improve policies and programmes addressing heritage in rural territories, presents its Good Practices Handbook. This document summarises all the experience and knowledge acquired and shared between the partners throughout the first phase of the project, which began in August 2019.

During three years, the five organisations that are part of the European project MOMAr - Zaragoza Provincial Government, Mehedinti County Council, the Regional Development Agency of South Bohemia, the Province of Groningen, and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Digital Affairs of Saxony-Anhalt - could identify, discover and exchange good practices through International Exchange of Experience conferences, held both in person and online, and study visits organised in each partner country. After this discovery and learning phase, the partners have learned more about natural and cultural heritage management in rural areas and have gained the knowledge necessary for the implementation of new singular rural heritage management models that will allow them to sustainably develop their rural areas.

This manual of good practices, which will be available in the language of each partner, compiles 50 initiatives in heritage management which have proven to be successful in the regions in which they have already been implemented and which can therefore be copied in other places. It represents a source of inspiration for the partners of the MOMAr project and also for other organisations that want to improve the management models of their singular rural areas in a sustainable way. Thus, the Interreg Europe MOMAr project shares this unique document, filled with useful information about the partner organisations and heritage management models.

Mehedinti County Council presents several initiatives related to the preservation, restoration and promotion of the cultural and natural heritage and the traditions of the region, as well as the creation of a sustainable tourist offer. For its part, the Province of Groningen presents initiatives providing an overview of its historic, natural and industrial heritage, enhancing its cultural identity through alliances with other organisations and programs. The South Bohemian Region focuses on the revitalisation of its cultural heritage through projects aiming to restore buildings and turn them into references. The leader organisation of MOMAr, the Province of Zaragoza, also focuses on developing its rich cultural heritage, as well as on collaborating con entities and programs in relation to rural heritage management, in order to improve its rural areas and share knowledge. Finally, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Digital Affairs of Saxony-Anhalt promotes its nature and its buildings to create new tourist attractions and raise awareness about the region’s richness.

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The end of the first phase of the MOMAr project also concluded with the release of the partners’ individual Action Plans. For months, each organisation worked on the elaboration of its own document with the main objective to turn the knowledge acquired throughout the first phase of the project into ambitious and real actions in relation to the rural areas of the territories. These five Action Plans present projects that will be implemented in the coming years and which will allow the regions to meet even more of their objectives in terms of the sustainable development of their singular rural areas.

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