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Revitalizing Rural Heritage: MOMAr's Global Impact


When managing heritage in rural and less populated places, the MOMAr project is...

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Groningen’s Heritage Lab meets at Maarhuizen


The Heritage program of the Province of Groningen organized at Maarhuizen the...

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MOMAr disseminates its results


MOMAr is actively continuing its efforts to disseminate the results obtained...

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The Via Transilvanica awarded


The Awards rewarded 30 outstanding heritage achievements from 21 countries,...

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“Retrospectiva”, a MOMAr's inspiration


The town of Quinto de Ebro (Zaragoza) launched a new cultural project called...

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Free bus tours to discover hidden heritage


During May and June, the lead partner, the Provincial Government of Zaragoza...

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Know more about the Spanish Good Practices


The Provincial Government of Zaragoza, has recorded a compilation of videos in...

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MOMAr last partner meeting and study visit


MOMAr partners celebrated its last partner meeting in the hometown of the lead...

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MOMAr celebrates its final conference


The meeting brought together nearly 60 heritage experts and political...

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Trocnov, a step forward


It's time to travel to South Bohemia to know more about the progress of one of...

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MOMAR, origin for new European project Digitour


The exchange that occurred within the study visits of MOMAr has helped to bring...

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DPZ publishes a book to value the heritage of salt


In the framework of the MOMAr Action Plan, the lead partner, DPZ, has published...

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