Project News

Saxony-Anhalt presents its Action Plan


Construction of a bakehouse for the Schernebeck village church” in the Almark...

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Mehedinti County hosts the last study visit of MOMAr


MOMAr carried out a successful last study visit in Mehedinti County (Romania) to...

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MOMAr tour in Schernebeck village church


The first Momar tour of Saxony-Anhalt finally took place on May 19, 2022

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MOMAr joins the ForHeritage final conference


The Interreg Central Europe project, ForHeritage, organized its final conference...

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MOMAr Study Visit to the Province of Groningen


MOMAr carried out a successful study visit in the Province of Groningen (The...

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MOMAr travels to South Bohemia for a study visit


Momar traveled to South Bohemia, the Czech Republic, to carry out a study visit...

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Saxony-Anhalt works with TRANSROMANICA in the AP


Ministry of Infrastructure and Digital Affairs of Saxony-Anhalt met with its...

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Interview to Transromanica


Transromanica connects the common Romanesque heritage in nine European...

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International meeting to work on MOMAr Action Plans


MOMAr brings together 45 international experts with the goal to help with the...

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Groningen Inhouse meeting


Province of Groningen held an inhouse meeting to prepare next IEE.

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MOMAr Tour to Ponoarele in Mehedinti County


This January Mehedinti County celebrated a MOMAr Tour to Ponoarele

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Groningen informs its stakeholders


The Province of Groningen brought together administrators and officials from 5...

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