During May and June, the lead partner, the Provincial Government of Zaragoza (DPZ), organises free bus tours to discover the lesser-known heritage of the province. This initiative is a result of the implementation of the Spanish Action Plan of MOMAr, focused on the Salt Mines of the town of Remolinos and it is inspired, among others, by the Good Practice discussed during the project World Heritage Bus Route of Saxony-Anhalt for supporting tourism development, especially in the rural areas.

The calendar of activities includes three thematic free bus tours that will allow citizens to discover unnoticed sites despite their historical, cultural, or environmental interest: places like the House of God and the sanctuary of Rodanas in Épila, the geyser of Pozuelo de Aragón, the salt flats of Remolinos, the Ojos del Pontil in Rueda de Jalón, Bureta's Enchanted Burosque, etc.

The first tour takes place during the weekends of May, and it is straightly connected with the MOMAr Action plan. With the title, “The Salt Paths”, it goes through different points of interest related to the salt heritage of the province, such as the Bujaraloz salt mine; the Sástago and Bujaraloz salt marshes; the church and the salt flats of Remolinos; the old salt factory of Alcalá de Ebro. These visits are being evaluated and improved as part of the pilot activities of the implementation of the Heritage Management Plan of Remolinos.

The other two tours will point to the topics of ‘unusual spaces' and 'A province of water' and will cover the dates from the 22nd of May to the 12th of June.