Last May, the town of Quinto de Ebro, located in the Province of Zaragoza, launched a new cultural project called “Retrospectiva" (Retrospective), which was inspired by the knowledge acquired within the framework of MOMAr. The initiative is organised by the city council of the town with the aim of reproducing old advertising posters of brands and products on walls to create an open-air museum of advertising and old communication, and thus paying tribute to former shops that no longer exist in town. Through this initiative, the town wants to recover examples of historical advertising, improve its image, and add a new point of interest in the scenery of its urban centre.

A project directly deriving from MOMAr

This new cultural project led in the Province of Zaragoza is mainly based on the knowledge and experience gained within the framework of MOMAr. Ros Cihuelo, the Deputy Delegate for Culture of the Zaragoza Provincial Government, states: "The objective of MOMAr is to work to explore different ways of exploiting heritage in depopulated areas in a different way, through multiplier projects. And this is "Retrospectiva", a project that will create in Quinto an open-air museum with advertising murals but without forgetting the roots and the relationship with the municipality since it will serve as a tribute to the commercial premises of Quinto and those who ran them”.

A long-term project to revitalise the town

With this artistic project, the town wants to continue to exploit the tourism sector from a different point of view, as Jesús Morales, the mayor of Quinto, explains. For that, last month, three Aragonese artists worked on medium and large-format artworks in different areas of Quinto: Pedro Baeza (Contiza Rotulación), Isabel Garmón and Hugo Morales. Two lines of work have been developed, one which pays tribute to old shops of the town through manual lettering, following the style of the advertisements found in old yearbooks and party programs of the town. The second line of action allows us to discover the way people used to dress, work, eat or play through a selection of old advertising posters.

The project aims to be something alive and dynamic and will grow and develop year after year, action after action, to keep the town's urban centre vibrant.