MOMAr is actively continuing its efforts to disseminate the results obtained from the project. Through various channels, such as conferences and scientific publications, the project's progress, findings, and achievements are shared with a specialized audience. These initiatives significantly contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field of heritage management, allowing other projects and professionals to benefit from the valuable learnings and best practices developed by MOMAr.

In June, MOMAr had the opportunity to present the communication titled "Landscape Management as a Heritage Resource for the Development of Rural Areas: Experiences from the Interreg Europe MOMAr Project" at the prestigious "XXIV Congress of the Spanish Committee of Art History: Landscapes Natura Potentior Ars: Art, Nature, and Sciences for a Discipline of the 21st Century," held at the Complutense University of Madrid.

During the presentation, Irene Ruiz, the Scientific Coordinator of the Project, highlighted the positive aspects of various exemplary practices shared throughout the project. Noteworthy examples included "Our Hidden Heritage", "Layered Infrastructure of Cooperation in Landscape and Heritage Development: Maarhuizen", "Landscape Development, Cultural Identity, and Leisure: New Waterworks Zoutkamp" from Groningen, and "Hiking Area Toulava" in the Czech Republic. These cases demonstrated innovative approaches to managing landscape resources in rural areas.

The scientific community warmly embraced the project, expressing great interest in its topic and the innovative approach it brings. The ensuing discussion further affirmed the significance and potential impact of MOMAr's work.