It's time to travel to South Bohemia to know more about the progress of one of MOMAr's good practices: Trocnov, the historical open-air museum.

The construction work continues at a significant pace after a year of progress. It is finished construction-wise, except for some roofs that need special long-stem rye, next steps are finishing the interiors, bringing life in form of domestic animals and polishing the final management model (which includes animal care). The whole area is going to be opened to the public in May/June 2024. By that time, the visitor centre should also be finished.

In order to shorten the wait for the completion of this unique building, the site has revealed an interesting half-hour time-lapse documentary that maps the construction of the open-air museum from the beginning to May 2021.

In the film, the public can hear and see a lot of interesting information from the construction process as well as the plan for future use. It allows also a look into the interior spaces of the open-air museum and documentation of some past public events that took place in 2020 at the Jan Žižka Memorial Complex from Trocnov.

The film was created as part of the project ATCZ59 International Cultural Platform I-CULT, which is financed by the cross-border cooperation program INTERREG V-A Austria - Czech Republic. The author of the film is Tadeáš Mráz.