Project News

5th Stakeholders Meeting in Norte Region


The 5th Stakeholders Meeting for the Norte Region in Portugal has been carried...

Type: Project

5th Stakeholders Meeting in Cluj Napoca


The 5th Stakeholders meeting for Romanian partners was held in Cluj Napoca the...

Type: Project

Bucharest-Ilfov regions, 4th Stakeholders Meeting


Stakeholders discussed about needs for actions, regional understandings,...

Type: Project

Norte Region, 4th Stakeholders Meeting


The 4th stakeholders meeting was held in two different moment the last 21th and...

Type: Project

NMWP-NRW, 5th Stakeholder meeting


The 5th Stakeholders workshop took place in Düsseldorf the 21th of March 2018

Type: Project

Event @CeNTI:Nanotechnology from Norte of Portugal


NMP-REG has taken part to the CeNTI Open Day the last 15th February.

Type: Project

Mid-Term Review: Technological Roadmaps Update


Regional meeting on regional technological roadmaps updating proposed by...

Type: Project

NMP-REG, RIS3 Mid-Term workshop held in Leuven


Within the context of the RIS3 Mid Term Reviews an interregional Event took...

Type: Project

Mid-Term review: New regional technological roadmaps


Presentation of a 7 roadmaps document for regional development indicating the...

Type: Project

Bucharest-Ilfov regions, 3rdStakeholders Meeting


3rd Stakeholders workshop concluede in Romania for the third semester.

Type: Project

3rd Regional Stakeholders Meeting in Belgium


The third stakeholders meeting for FIE (Flanders Innovation and...

Type: Project

Norte Region, 3rd regional stakeholder meeting


The third Regional Stakeholders meeting has been held in the Norte Region.

Type: Project